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Nov 16, 2023

Struggling to find that woodworking sweet spot? Puzzled by projects that don't quite click? 

This CMPS episode welcomes Greg Paolini, a mechanical engineer turned woodworking star, who's mastered the art of crafting success from sawdust.

Key Nuggets for you:

Transition Tales: From engineering gears to woodworking cheers – Greg's journey is one for the books. Discover how a shift in gears can lead to a fulfilling craft.

Systems and Standards: Ever wonder why your workshop feels chaotic? Greg chats the magic of method and measure. Learn how structured systems can transform chaos into craftsmanship.

Communication Clarity: Diving into the nitty-gritty of 'communication overhead' and its impact on projects. Greg unfolds the secrets to keeping messages clear and projects on track.

Scaling Success: Scaling a business isn’t just about quantity; it's about quality growth. Greg shares his blueprint for evolving from solo ventures to leading a dynamic team.


Culture Crafting: It's not just about the wood; it's the workshop's heart and soul. Greg talks about creating a culture where craftsmanship thrives.

Delegation Dynamics: Discover the delicate art of delegation – a crucial ingredient in woodworking success, as per Greg's playbook.

Association Advantage: Unveiling the benefits of industry associations and networking. Greg shares how joining forces with peers can elevate your woodworking game.

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